This option is currently only available upon request.

By sharing installation data with all stakeholders, everyone is fully informed.

To be able to share installations, you’ll first need an up-to-date company account. As an account manager you can navigate to  Account management > Subscriptions. Subscriptions that require an upgrade will mention it. Press the included link to request an upgrade.


Know what you’re sharing.


Installation data is shared through connections that ensure you’re only transferring data with known parties.

Managing shares

Deciding whether you want to share data, and if so what data is a very precise job. Shares determine which data is shared with another account.

Revoking access

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. If you want to share data, you better know what happens when that data is no longer shared.


Already read all of the above but still have some questions? Then this is probably right for you.