Within the Heating module, you have the option of registering heating installations.

Best fill in as much information as possible. Again, better too much information than too little. The software is designed to allow technicians to do their work as smoothly as possible. This means that certain fields are essential, but not mandatory. The idea for this is simple: what you have done is fleeting information that you are in risk of forgetting quickly and therefore need to be able to register quickly, but the installation will (hopefully) still be there afterwards.

Installations for which essential data is missing can always be easily retrieved via the Incomplete Installations report, but we recommend making completing or correcting installation properties a habit you perform before you consider your work completed.

Important to note: the software itself will not make any changes to the installation!

Forecast settings

By default, Climapulse Service will start determining, based on the installation properties, when the next maintenance, audit or periodic check is required. However, you can easily deviate from this if the customer requires a stricter control or if you only deliver the installation and do no further follow-up.

In such a case, choose the Custom frequency option in the installation form and enter your own term.

If you are not responsible for the inspection at all, choose the option None. You will not find the installation in the Forecasts.

Installation components

You can use the installation components to register the various components of the installation. Not only is this useful, it also makes compiling an instruction card a breeze.


To support you as much as possible in the periodic follow-up of an installation, Climapulse invariably presents you with an action plan.

Here you can see the steps that have been or still need to be taken (in the context of periodic control/maintenance/audit).