There’s nothing as annoying as sitting around, waiting for a message to drop in your inbox. Waiting for a message from Climapulse? These are the most likely causes for the delay.


Climapulse Service sends out hundreds of messages daily. To ensure this happens as smoothly as possible, messages are queued and send out in batches every couple of minutes. Depending on the amount of messages in the queue you might have to wait a few minutes.

Spam filters

Undesired messages (or spam) aren’t just a hassle when they land in your inbox. Because of the sheer size of spam messages spam filters keep getting more strict. The end result: the chances of messages you do want to receive getting classified as spam increase every single day. That means they end up in your spam folder rather than your inbox. So check that folder!

Take into account that your interaction with messages plays a part in some spam filters. If you receive messages that you delete immediately, the “spam score” of the sender increases a tiny bit. That’s why you can set your preferences for the types of messages you receive from Climapulse Service through your Profile.


Does your organisation use a strict spam filter? Ensure your administrator allows messages from the following domains:


Still having problems?

Get in touch with us. Include address that did not receive the message and will try to find out what went wrong.