Not every work order is the same. The communication per customer can also differ. To allign the message you send with the correct context you can use email templates. The technician can select the appropriate template whenever needed.

Set up email templates

If you didn’t configure an email template Climapulse will make use of a predefined text. You can add a new template via Settings, underneath the Configuration-tab.

Click Add to configure your first template. You can also view, edit and remove templates via this link.

In the top right you’ll find more information about the configuration of templates. To personalise your message as much as possible, you can make sure of variables. By doing this you can make sure the correct reference is used in a work order of mention the installation, without entering them manually.

Click Need help? to view the list of possible variables.

  1. Use a clear name.
  2. Select the correct language and if it should be the default template
  3. Enter the subject
  4. Modify the text to your needs.

When changing text you’ll see an example of the output of the message. When selecting an existing Assignment the variables will be filled in based on that work order.

Using email templates

After configuring email templates Climapulse Service will automatically load the default message in the selected language when you want to send a message. At the top of the screen you’ll be able to select another template. When selecting another template, it will be loaded immediately.