Do you have a floor plan? A picture of the poor condition of an installation? Maybe the customer is entitled to a VAT-discount, but you first need to create a document for this? Or you want to access your invoice and other document of the installation?

A lot of questions, only 1 answer: attachments!

You can link attachments to any customer, location, installation, work order or cilicinders. Your .pdf, picture, or any other file of just a plain textfile can be linked to the item. It’s also possible to share the file with the customer, which he can acces via the customer portal.


The signed maintenance contract is a typical example of an attachment linked to the customer. A siting plan to a location. Manuals, diagrams or other information can be linked to an installation.

Don’t forget you need to add a document only once. The document will end up in the knowledge base and be coupled to multiple items.