Linking attachments

It can be very convenient to make use of attachments. Think for example of images, floor plans, manuals, maintenance contracts, … You can add attachments to clients, locations, installations and assignments. You do this by clicking on Attachments in the top right-hand corner.

You can decide to:

  1. add a new document
  2. select an existing document from the knowledge base

If you choose option 1, you can select a file and upload it from your computer/tablet/smartphone. If you choose option 2, you can search for and select the file from the knowledge base.

Uploading files

You can upload different file types, but please note that your file size should not exceed 25MB. The most common file formats such as images, pdf, powerpoints, spreadsheets, … are supported.

Do you still get an error message? Then your file will be too large or the format will not be supported.

Knowledge base

All documents you add as new attachments within Climapulse will be added to the Knowledge Base. You can also add files to the knowledge base without linking them to an item. To add a new document, click New > Add document in the top right.

Within the Knowledge Base, you can also create folders. For example, you can distinguish between years or types of documents. To create a folder, click New > Add folder in the top right-hand corner.