Administrators have access to the option Settings in the top right of Climapulse Service.

Company information

The tab company information allows the determine which information should be shown on documents. Besides name and address it’s possible to add your logo. Choose an image in high resolution for the best results.

Further below you can view and manage company certificates, if you have those. Here you are able to add your certificate as a refrigeration company. Optionally, you can add a copy of the certificate.


At Climapulse we try to make sure in 99% of the cases everything you do is the right way to do. The less choices you need to take as a user, the better. However, sometimes we are not able to determine the best option and you’ll need to make a choice.

For more information of all the options you can check the tab configuration.Some of those options require a some more attention.

BCC email addresses

If you are using the possibility to send work orders via Climapulse service to your customer, you can add which email addresses need to receive a copy. By doing this not only you have a confirmation everything was send, but you can already create the corresponding invoice.

Note templates

An important responsability of installation companies is to inform customers if and when there are issues with their installation, on technical als legal level. Thanks to note templates for work orders you can set predefined texts which technicians can use whenever needed. This way the information will also be present in the logs.

Some examples:

  • Create a template that invites the customer to make a follow-up appointment with the office.
  • Inform the customer the installation does not meet the required legal demands and needs taken care of.

Email templates

Not only notes, but also emails support the creating of templates when sending the documents of an assignment. Use it as an addition to the notes or modify the default template, for example to link to your terms and conditions.

Default forecast setting

For both refrigerant- as heating installatinos you can decide to apply the default forecast setttings when adding an installation. If you only to the essembling of installations, it’s best to disable them. You will always be able to change the detatils afterwards.

Attention: when changing the default forecast setting, only new installations will be using this. If they are added in the past, they won’t be changed.

Themes for documents

Here you can choose the theme you want to use for working orders. Click the images to view an example. The theme will be applied to all documents, expect for the signed versions.


Next to the configuration there are even more options to make Climapulse even more valuable. At Modulesyou’ll find extensions. All information for specific modules is available by request.