In Climapulse Service you can find, assuming you have the correct privileges, in the top right corner the option Account management. The following items are present in there:

  • Information of your subscription(s)
  • Your customer- and invoicedetails and preferences
  • Legeal information like the general conditions, terms of use and Processing agreement
  • The management of access to the account management.


Choose the option Subscriptions to see an overview of all the subscriptions in your organisation. If you don’t see all of them, they are split between other organisations in our system. If that’s the case, check the option Access to see who has access and contact us at if organisations need to be merged.

Customer details

The customer details determine your identity as a customer of Climapulse. By default the company information will be used as invoice data, but if needed you can modify the invoice details over there.

At Invoice Preferences you can mention extra information that need to be added to the invoice itself, like the number of an internal purchase order. Besides that you can change the way the invoice should be send, via postal mail or multiple email address if the invoice should be send via email. As an account manager you will always receive a copy of the invoice to your email address.