First things first

So what exactly is Climapulse Service?

Climapulse Service allows to you to easily manage the servicing of your climate systems, with special attention paid to the legal aspects. As a refrigeration technician this means you’ve got:

  • An always up-to-date refrigerant log
  • An online installation log and history for your customers
  • Central registration of all your work
  • Automatic creation of certificates of among other things leakage and pressure tests
  • Automatic forecasting of periodic checks and inspections.

As a heating technician you’ve got your hands on:

  • All relevant certificates, based on the region
  • Digital recording of flue gas measurements
  • An archive of all installations
  • Automatic forecasting of maintenance and audits.

What’s required to be able to use Climapulse Service?

  • A company account
  • A user account
  • A browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox or their mobile alternatives. In short: the thing you’re using to view this webpage.

A company account will be provisioned by Climapulse. We’ll also invite the initial administrator who can then start inviting others.

The components

The goal of Climapulse Service is providing an easy to use online tool, making it easier to manage a complicated matter like HVAC/R. To that end we apply a method of command and conquer: we split the domain into different components. You’ll be working with those components daily, which is why you’ll find them in the menu at the left hand side.

Customers, locations and installations

Simple, really. Structuring the data like this means you can quickly consult all locations of a customers and all installations on a certain location. And if there’s one thing we hate, it’s having to repeat youself. So create a customer and location once and simply attach the installations to that location.


The work you’ve completed during maintenance, an intervention or other activities, is recorded in actions. Which kinds of actions are available depends on the type of installation. While you can perform pressure and leakage tests on any cooling installation, you can’t perform those on a heating installation.

Assignments as a work order and an activity log

You’ll often perform multiple discrete actions during a visit. That’s why they’re grouped in assignments.

Assignments provide the option of tracking time per technician and of logging the materials used during the assignment. This means you can create a work order with the push of a button. You can even have customers sign the work order and certificates and drop those documents into their inbox through Climapulse Service.