To ensure a high operational reliability, to reduce the energy consumption of climate installations and to comply with regulations installations need to undergo maintenance at set intervals. Climapulse Service uses the properties of an installation, buildings and activities to determine when a specific action is needed. When doing this, the applicable rules at European, national and, for Belgium, regional level are taken into account.

As soon as all neccessary information is added to Climapulse Service it’s able to predict when a new periodic control needs to be executed. The required information is:

  • The region, determined by the location of the installation
  • The type of refrigerant
  • The rated capacity
  • The CO2-equivalent (this is calculated automatically by using the refregirant and the content)
  • Whether the installation is hermetically sealed
  • Whether an adequate leak detection system has been installed
  • The installation date or, in lack of, a start date for the forecasts.

Set forecasts for periodical leak checks

When you add, or modify, an installation you have the option to set the frequency of periodical checks. By default, the automatic calculation is suggested that follows the frequency as set by the legislation.

You can choose to set a custom interval of disable it completely. Setting a custom interval can be preferred when a specific maintenance schedule is agreed with the customer. You can disable the forecasts completely to prevent seeing them for installations you installed, but do not maintain anymore.

Consulting forecasts

For every installation the forecast is presented at the bottom of the details. For a general view you can navigate to Forecasts. In this view all installations are presented along with the deadlines the actions need to be completed. It’s divided in three sections:

  • All
  • Unknown
  • Overdue